I am a mother, community volunteer, environmentalist, yoga practitioner and artist.  I live in the Beach and have done so for over 20 years, except for three years spent in California.  I drew and painted as a hobby, but in the last few years have dedicated more time to painting and showing my work. 

California and northern Ontario scenery have provided subject material for my landscapes.  And teacher, Grethe Jensen, has influenced my work by introducing me to modern Canadian and American abstract painters and to Austin Kleon, author of “Steal Like an Artist”.  

In 2016/17 I attended the adult art program at Central Technical Collegiate, and explored printmaking,  pottery and mixed media.   Currently, I am further developing my skills as an /abstract artist, painting intuitively, concentrating on mark making and incorporating mixed media.  I belong to the Just Do It! painting group at https://www.gerrardartspace.com and to the http://donvalleyartclub.com.

After a career as a bureaucrat and then time spent raising children, painting is my new passion, providing an artistic and emotional outlet.